Mikołaj Młochowski

Mikołaj has over 15 years of extensive experience in the real estate industry, which he gained while working for consulting companies and leading developers. During his career, he also dealt with the sale of investment apartments in Malaysia and participated in the creation of investment packages for investors from around the world. He introduced projects from the popular segment to the residential market in Lublin and Warsaw, and for several years he has focused his activities on the capital market of premium projects. In creating effective marketing campaigns, he focuses on customer experience and focuses on high quality materials, which are a promise of high quality projects. In his free time, he loves designing furniture, sailing or playing volleyball.

Tomasz has been operating on the investment and recreational real estate market in the Polish coastal zone for 8 years. During his professional career, Tomasz managed the operation of investment apartment sales offices in Kołobrzeg, Jarosławiec and Hel. Thanks to his work in the condo hotel segment, he gained extensive experience in advising and servicing premium clients. In his work, he puts the needs of customers first, always tries to match the product to the customer, not the customer to the product. Privately, a fan of the local football team KotwicaKołobrzeg and a cat lover.

Małgorzata has been associated with individual and business customer service for 8 years. She specialized in capital resourcing in the area of the financial market and development projects at primary market. Thanks to highly developed interpersonal skills, sheis able to precisely examine the needs of customers and prepare tailored offers. What distinguishes her is a cheerful approach and the ability to listen. For Małgorzata, the glass is always half full, and thanks to the openness and extensive experience, the client receives ideas and unconventional solutions apart from the offer. Meetings with Małgorzata are characterized by her professionalism and clear communication in a positive and warm atmosphere.

She is an aesthetic and has been interested in interior design for many years, which means that she values high quality and good design.

Karolina has been professionally involved in real estate sales, consulting and cooperation with clients for many years. Her motto is “Real estate is my passion, not my job.” In real estate, she is particularly interested in the premium segment. Karolina is a positive person, passionate about psychology and the human mind, currently studying this field at the university in Warsaw. Karolina is a person of many talents and skills. As a hobby, she deals with the renovation of retro furniture, painting, practicing sports and writing. She loves combining different styles, from boho to glamor. He likes tenement houses and Parisian style.